FAQs - Walk the Test Way - Sponsored Charity Walk

Frequently Asked Questions 
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How much sponsorship was raised for the 2018 walk.


See schedule as at 31st December CharityDisbursement (Final)


How do you know everyone is accounted for at the end of the walk?

Each walker is issued with white and yellow tags at the check in, the yellow tag is handed to the transport marshal, and the white tag is attached to your clothing with the tie provided, and is removed at the finish so we know everyone who started is accounted for!

There were 700 walkers last year does that make the event crowded?

No because there are 5 distances to choose from, so walkers are spread out, but you are likely to be walking in "company" which is fun!

Do I have to walk the 25.5 miles?

No there are five distances to choose from see "About the Event" on the web site for details, you choose which distance you want to walk when you register.

If I do not raise all the sponsorship I expected, am I responsible for paying the balance?

No we only expect you to pay in what you raised (although we suggest a minimum of £50.00)

How do I get to the start point of my chosen walk?

Transport is provided for each walk distance from the Crosfield Hall, Romsey.

If I an unable to attend the walk after paying my registration fee is it refundable?

No registration fees cover the fixed costs of the walk which cannot be reduced if walkers drop out after registration.

How do I contact the walk registrar or treasurer?

You can email the walk registrar or treasurer by selecting "contact" button on the home page.

Why can't I see the photos I have uploaded on the web site?

Photographs are approved by the web administrator to make sure they are "suitable" so there may be a delay!

I will not be able to raise sponsorship - can I walk and make a donation instead?

Yes - but we would expect you to pay the registration fee and make at least the minimum donation of £50.00

Can I change from using JustGiving to collecting the money myself?

Yes - but please notify the Treasurer by email from contact button.   

Is it possible to bring a child in a pushchair?

Yes, but remember there are stiles to be negotiated and you should ensure you have sufficient support to get over these, also, some stretches will be muddy and uneven.

If I set up a JustGiving page, will my charity receive their share of the sponsorship?

Yes - we consolidate payments from all walkers both from JustGiving and other methods, and send the total sponsorship raised after deducting the agreed 20% for Rotary charity work when JustGiving has been selected, or 25% when other methods of sponsorship payment are selected.

As a group will we all be on the same coach?

We will do our best, but its not guaranteed.

Is any part of the walk unsuitable for wheelchairs?

Regretfully the route is not suitable for wheelchair use, in places encroaching vegetation makes the path narrow and only suitable for single file walking, in addition there are stiles; kissing gates; and narrow boardwalks over boggy ground and uneven farmland.

How do we get back to the Crosfield Hall when we finish the walk?

Leave the Memorial Park through the main gates, turn right over the bridge, follow the road up to and through the arch at the top, in to the town Market Place.

Cross the Market Place and walk to the left of the Nat West Bank into the main shopping street (The Hundred).

Take a footpath along the right hand side of Boots Chemist to the bus station.

Leave the bus station by the access road, turn left then immediately right at the crossing to the Crosfield Hall.

Is it possible to start the Walk at my chosen start point without checking in at Romsey and being bussed to the start point?

No - you must check in at the Crosfield Hall, Romsey for insurance purposes.

Is a more detailed map of the walk route available?

Yes, the Ordnance Survey Explorer Map sheet number 131 for Romsey, Andover and the Test Valley covers the entire route on a double sided map at a scale of 2.5 inches to the mile (1:25000).

How long will it be before the charity receives their sponsorship money?

We are dependant on walkers sending in their sponsorship but plan to complete this by January, but send out interim payments in December.

I am an adult walking with a child under 14 or a vulnerable adult. I am not raising sponsorship myself. Do I need to register for the Walk if the person I accompany does so.

Yes - otherwise you will not be included in the transport planning so will not have a place reserved on the bus which may be full. Registration fees cover transport costs, insurance and paramedic cover amongst others.

One of our team has dropped out but we have a replacement - is that OK?

Yes - please email the registrar with details of substituted walker and the name of the person who has dropped out.

Since registering I have changed my mind where I wish to start from - is this possible?

Probably, but transport for some distances gets full up. Check with the Registrar by email.

Is it possible to put our car baby seat on the bus and collect it at the end of the walk?

Yes, but label it clearly with your name.

Is it possible to just turn up on the day and register?

We would prefer not. Organising and ensuring the security of over 700 walkers makes this impractical. If extreme circumstances prevent registration on line, we will accept walkers on the day but they are expected to make a minumum donation of £50.


Are we allowed to walk for a charity that is not registered?

Yes - just enter the name of the charity and their registration number if known.

Is there a discount for families or those walking as a group?

Sorry No - the registration fee covers transport and insurance costs, but there is an Early Bird discounted registration fee. 

Can we take a dog on the walk?

Yes, but they must be kept on a short lead as the route will take you through livestock in some places. Dogs will be allowed on buses provided they are well behaved and kept off the seats.

To whom should cheques be payable and where should they be sent?

All cheques (registration fees, donations and sponsorship monies) should be made payable to "Rotary Club of Romsey Test Trust Fund" and sent to The Registrar, Walk the Test Way, PO Box 335, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 1BP.

Can you guarantee there will be no livestock on the walk route?

No, since the Test Way passes through farm fields.

If I have more than one sponsorship sheet can I send in one cheque to cover them all?

Yes. Please enclose a copy of the sponsorship sheets for the Treasurer to reclaim the Gift Aid.

Will there be free chocolate and water as in previous years?

Hopefully - it depends on the generosity of our supporters!

Does the charity I walk for have to be local?

No - you can walk for any charity or organisation you choose.

Can I change the charity I am walking for?

Yes - advise the Registrar by email.

Is there a minimum sponsorship amount?

No but suggest a target £50.00.