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Walk the Test Way 2018 will take place on 14th October

Early Bird Registration is now Open!


Last year’s walk raised over £90,000 for 158 charities!

Charity Fund Raisers - why not increase your charity funding and encourage your supporters to register to Walk the Test Way for your organisation.

Maximise receipts by asking them to use the Walk the Test Way JustGiving page. 

Updated 2018 presentations are availalbe here   Presentation for Charities 2018     Presentation for Charities 2018 with notes


Some charities that have benefitted from the walk

This is what last years walkers said...

Thank you for your good wishes after The Walk!  It was so well organised with an army of marshals and supporters who cheered us on our way, they deserve our warmest thanks for giving up their valuable time as well. 

So well signposted and lots of marshals on hand to help us not get lost, really pleased coming 9th on the 25.5 miles, had a good soak but expect I will have sore legs tomorrow.

Thank YOU! It was a wonderful occasion and I feel very lucky to have taken part. Please thank everyone who made the day so enjoyable 14/10/18 is on my calendar!

I much enjoyed it and it vindicated my miserable time last year when I was afflicted with acute sciatica and slipped discs – do not go there!

Congratulations to the Rotarians of Romsey, really well organised by people who genuinely care, it was a pleasure to take part.

Really enjoyed taking part, it was so well organised, a huge thank you to all the volunteers, it was so well marshalled and they were so encouraging, definetley looking forward to next year.